2016 Photography MFA- Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2015 Photography BFA- Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2009 Liberal Arts DEC- Dawson College, Montreal, QC

Honours and Awards
2016 The Mildred Lande and Margot Lande Graduate Scholarship in Photography


2017 when i say the body i mean the ocean, maureen ii, Montreal

2016 Bianca Float, (De)Construction, Povvera, Berlin 

2014 Soak, Combine, FOFA, Concordia University, Montreal

2014 Swim, video projection, Video Lock n 2, Gallerie Lock, Montreal 

2014 Soak, Concordia Vitrine, Concordia University, Montreal

2014 Soak, Finally, VAV Gallery Concordia University, Montreal

2013 In Abyss, As if, 4144 St – Laurent, Montreal

2012 Polaroid + Ghosts, As yet, 4144 St – Laurent, Montreal



2014 Nu Magazine 1, In Abyss 

2013 Interfold issue 6, Soak series

2013 Scribner issue, In Abyss 



Sonia Bazar lives and works in Montreal, Quebec